Strathclyde University will open a nanotechnology facility.

Strathclyde University has been awarded £853,000 to host a bespoke nationwide facility for testing nanotechnologies for healthcare applications.The Multiscale Metrology Suite (MMS) for Next-Generation Health Nanotechnologies will provide UK scientists with access to technology for the analysis of materials, supporting discovery of future diagnostics and therapies.

Tevva, a British company, has revealed a mass-market electric truck

Electric truck pioneer Tevva has unveiled a 7.5-tonne electric truck intended for mass production in the UK.Engineered by a team led by Ken Scott, formerly engineering director at Bentley and Alexander Dennis, and styled by Dale Grewer, former chief designer at Jaguar Land Rover, the Tevva Truck will be manufactured in a brand-new 11,000 m2 facility in the London Thames Freeport area.

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